File system integration

Syre sits on top of your file system, so any changes you make are reflected in Syre, and vice versa.

You will see how Syre

  • Integrates with your file system
  • Tracks metadata as you move resources around your project


5 minutes

Let's see how the changes we make in the file system are reflected in Syre and vice versa.

1. Open the project folder.

Hover over the data container and click on the kebab (three dot) menu. Then select Open folder.

2. Add a new recipe.

Copy Recipe A, renaming it to Recipe C.

3. Play around.

Try creating some new files and folders, moving them around within the project, deleting and renaming things. See how the changes are reflected in the desktop app.

In the Syre app, change the name of some containers, duplicate a container tree, remove containers and assets. Check how these changes are reflected in you file system.

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