Your Scientific Assistant

Accelerate your research, gain novel insights, and publicize your work.

Overview of Thot Scientific Data Management Software
Analyze with a click
Insights powered by AI
Explore your data with ease

Supercharge your research

Harness the power of AI

Whether you need a quick and dirty plot, to generate a last minute report, or get a new perspective on your research, Syre's AI is your assistant for all things data.

  • Enhance your data exploration
  • Generate automated reports and presentations
  • Find new patterns in your data

Share your research with the world

Syre's web app gives you a platform to explore, publish and collaborate on scientific projects.

  • Collaborate on a scale like we've never seen before
  • No more emailing data back-and-forth
  • Publicize your work and build your scientific portfolio

Think, GitHub for science.

Accelerate your research

Syre's desktop app automates your organizations and analysis, giving you more time to focus on what's important.

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Integrated metadata labeling and ELN
  • Use Excel spreadsheets as analysis templates, or harness the power of Python and R

Dedicated to open source

In our journey to bring the open source revolution to science, we believe the tools we build must also be open source.
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